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Universities and schools

Planzelf is the only system that has created specific integrations just for Educational institutes. These integrations allow teachers, study advisers, internship coordinators and other staff to easily manage appointments with students and potential students. Thanks to its intuitive self-service portal, user management and interface, Planzelf is exceptionally suited for large scale application in larger schools and universities.

Simple management

As educational institute you can choose to create separate planners for e.g. faculties, course or even per employee. You can create as many planners as you want, and each planner will get its own link. You can then link or include the planner on your own website, style it to match the school’s website, and more.

Deep integrations, specifically for education

With our Learning Tool integratie (LTI) students can make appointments right from their learning tool, such as Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle and more. This is ideal for making appointments with teachers, study advisors or internship coordinators. Not only this, but Planzelf also allows employees to invite a list of students to make appointments with them. This is perfect for project progress meetings, or consultation hours. Students are automatically reminded when they have not made an appointment yet, and you have a clear overview of which students have made appointments and which haven’t.

Thanks to our deep integrations with e.g. Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendar, your staff members will continue to work as they always do. Appointments look to them like a simple meeting request from another colleague — straight in their own calendar. All they have to do is accept or reject the meeting request, and the rest is automatic. The student will receive a confirmation, rejection and a reminder automatically. Students can edit or cancel appointments, and your staff members are updated in their own calendar. No synchronization and no separate calendar.

We also support SSO (SAML) out of the box. This allows staff members and students to log in with their normal accounts, and eliminates the need for another account.

Make it look like your own

Thanks to our extensive customization options, you can make the planners look like your own website. You can also change the appearance and texts of emails, and you can even change the theme of the management portal to match your institution’s style. All this adds to your user’s sense of familiarity and trust.

We would be more than happy to inform you further about the possibilities in a demo session or by phone. Make an appointment for a demo session or call us at +31 (0)88-PLANZELF.

our customers

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Bé Meerman
Projectmanager for Planzelf
University of Twente

The University of Twente needed a reliable online appointment system, to enable students and external visitors to make appointments with study advisers, internship advisers, teachers and other staff members. Integration with Microsoft Exchange, SURFconext (SAML) and Blackboard or Canvas as well as the extensive self-service portal in Planzelf mean they have the right tools to get the job efficiently and on a large scale.