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Our core goal

Connecting service providers and consumers

To make a great team, means finding the right players. We know that running a business involves doing so much more than your core activity. We started out as a web development company and discovered that most service providers were spending time doing the same thing – making appointments with their customers. At the same time, we noticed customers were already on their mobile phones. We decided to connect the dots.

In 2014, this resulted in Planzelf. Our first paying customer was a barber. Soon after launch, over two thirds of all appointments at the barber were made through Planzelf. Now, they are not alone. Universities, therapists, garages, salons and many more have put their trust in us to handle their appointments. And we are proud to be helping out our customers, just like we get help from others. It is together that we stand strong, and together, that we form a great team.

We founded n·nine, the company behind Planzelf, in 2013. Ever since, we have been out to improve our core activity. How can we help you improve yours?

Sean & Niels


Likeminded and looking to join a great team?

At Planzelf, we are always looking for new talent to join our team. If you have great ideas and a strong opinion and you know what it takes to make a great product, feel free to contact us at jobs@planzelf.nl. Let us know who you are and what makes you tick.