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Planzelf takes care of your appointments so that you can focus on providing great service to your customers.

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We handle appointments

Planzelf is an online appointment system for great businesses, universities and schools of any size. With Planzelf, you’ll tap into more than five years of experience with handling appointments. Your customers can make their appointments through your own website or through your Planzelf page, outside working hours and without interrupting you. Easy, safe and secure – you’ll have more time for your services and it increases customer satisfaction.

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You will save time

Your customers can make their own appointments through Planzelf, easily and securely, saving you time on the phone and writing emails.

Customers will thank you

Making an appointment during working hours can be difficult. With Planzelf you are always reachable, 24/7 and every day of the year.

You’re always in control

You are always in control of your calendar or those of your staff. You determine which employee or resource is available when and for what type of appointment. You can even approve appointments before they are final.

It’s safe and secure

An appointment is something personal. So is your and your customer’s data. We comply with the GDPR, meaning your data and that of your customers is treated with great care. We will never sell data and we don’t work with advertisers.

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our customers

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Bé Meerman
Projectmanager for Planzelf
University of Twente

The University of Twente needed a reliable online appointment system for the entire university, to enable students and external visitors to make appointments with study advisers, internship advisers, teachers and other staff members. Integration with Microsoft Exchange, SURFconext (SAML) and Blackboard or Canvas as well as the extensive self-service portal and user management module in Planzelf mean they have the right tool to get the job done.

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“My client can make an appointment when he/she wants, meaning that there is no more back and forth of emails with the client. And thanks to the reminder there are no more no-shows. Works very well.”
Giel Luichjes
Psychotherapist at Sinteze

Sinteze was one of our early customers and has used Planzelf as their solution for appointments for over four years. Thanks to Planzelf, his clients have been able to make their appointments easily on their own, allowing Giel to focus more on providing his customers with excellent care.

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