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expanding functionality

Our integrations

Planzelf is built from the start with integrations in mind. We don’t just integrate with existing calendar solutions like Microsoft Exchange or Google Calendar, but also develop special integrations to help improve productivity for various markets. One example of this is the Learning Tool integration (LTI) we developed for our educational customers. When you are using a learning tool such as Canvas or Blackboard (LTI is compatible with many other learning tools as well), you can invite students to make an appointment with you straight from that learning tool. You’ll be able to monitor progress and the integration will automatically remind students if they forget to make their appointment.

calendar solutions

We integrate with your existing calendar solution

We prefer to integrate with your calendar solution, and not to synchronize appointments with your existing calendar solution. That way you have all the appointment data. Planzelf can serve as a stand alone calendar solution for smaller businesses, but if you already use calendar solutions like Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendar or others, we integrate with that calendar solution. That means appointments will look like regular meeting requests from colleagues and you can accept and reject them just like you normally would. We take care of the rest, like communicating changes to the attendees and reminding them. Planzelf is your virtual colleague, managing your appointments for you. And don’t worry, you’ll always be in control of when you’re available. We never disclose your calendar to the outside and we only place appointments where you say you are available.

custom integrations

Contact us to learn more about integrations

We are always open to talk about your integration needs. If you have a question or would like to propose an integration, please contact us.