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our features

Handling appointments is just the start

Easier for your customers

Your customers make their own appointments, easily and securely. It typically takes less time than a phone call and they can find the time that fits them best, even outside your working hours.

Easier for you

Easier and more versatile than pen and paper. That’s our goal when it comes to designing the user interface. An appointment system should save you more time than picking up the phone or answering emails for an appointment. That’s why we focus on appointments, so that you can focus on providing great service to your customers.

Works on any device

Always accessible

Works in the office and on the go

Planzelf travels with you. Whether you are in the office or on the go, you can always access and manage your appointments and staff availabilities. Access Planzelf on your computer or your mobile device. You are always in control and can manage Planzelf quickly, where ever you are.

We scale

For great companies, big and small

Planzelf was made with Enterprise in mind. That means we can handle any size company, big or small. We integrate directly with technologies such as Exchange, Google Calendar, SAML, any many others. User management is easy and a self-service portal means less support is needed. Do you have specific integration needs? Let us know!

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Customer familiarity

Easy website integration

Invite your customers to make an appointment with you right from your own website. Whether it is custom made, or based on WordPress, Wix or others, it’s easy to integrate Planzelf with your website. Don’t have a website? Don’t worry. You can always get your own unique Planzelf page that you can send your customers to.


It does not stop there

We are always working together with our customers to find the features and improvements they need. The list of features below gives you a more detailed overview of what Planzelf can do today, and this list will grow in the future!

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Basic Power Enterprise Education
Number of appointments unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Number of appointment planners
how many planners do I need?
1 unlimited unlimited unlimited
Number of resources
what is a resource?
1-10 unlimited unlimited unlimited
Automatic reminder via email yes yes yes yes
Automatic reminder via SMS* yes yes yes yes
Configure availability per resource and per type of appointment yes yes yes yes
Add additional fields
what is an additional field?
yes yes yes yes
Multi-language yes yes yes yes
Email support yes yes yes yes
Invite customers to make an appointment
what does inviting customers do?
yes yes yes
Custom texts for planners and emails yes yes yes
Custom look for planner and emails yes yes yes
Customers can pay through Planzelf** yes yes yes
Premium support
what does premium support mean?
yes yes
SAML-based single sign-on (SSO) yes yes
User and security management yes yes
Self-service portal for employees yes yes
Personalized support and training yes yes
Learning Tool Integration (LTI) for e.g. Blackboard, Canvas, and more yes
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* SMS credits are required and can be purchased separately through your account after registering.
** Extra configuration is required.