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Organization-wide controls and super easy management

Planzelf was made from the start for larger organizations. Our philosophy is: don’t replace what already works — enhance it. Larger organizations often already have a calendar solution such as Microsoft Exchange or Google Suite. Rather than adding another calendar just to allow appointments to be made online, we integrate directly with your organization’s calendar solution. We also don’t synchronize appointments — the appointments directly end up in your own calendar database. That way you always have the data and you are always in control.


As an enterprise customer, you can choose to create planners for different groups, locations, or even per employee. You can create as many planners as you want, and each planner will get its own link. You can then link or include the planner on your own website, style it to match your website, and more.

User management

We also have user management covered. Users can log in with their existing organization accounts through SSO (SAML). The self-service portal allows your users to make changes to settings on their own and combined with Planzelf’s in-app support pages the need for internal support is greatly reduced.

Custom integrations

If you have specific integration needs, please contact us and we will discuss the possibilities with you.